Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Work Log: Princess of the Crystal (Mawaru Penguindrum) #3

Today I made the skirt of this cosplay.  After a lot of thinking I realized it's just a long circle skirt.  My measurements from my natural waist to floor, while wearing the bustle cage and my heels is 47".  I'm measuring at my natural waist, instead of where I usually measure, because the top of the skirt will be hidden by the bodice.

The hardest part of this was cutting it out and the long seams.  (I hate long seams because I get so bored, lol).  I had to tape 6 pieces of my large graph paper together and get my DH's help to draw the pattern, then instead of using the quarter-sized pattern, I folded that in half so that my pattern was an eighth, meaning it would take 8 pieces using that pattern to make the skirt.

I cut the pattern out 6 times in the red fabric and 6 times in the black.  6 pieces, because it's open front so I didn't need to make a fully round skirt.  The fabric I used for this is just quilter's cotton. The black was the cheapest black that I could find and the red was the one that I thought was the best color choice.  I sewed the red skirt together first and ended up only using 5 pattern pieces and that fit me exactly the way I wanted it to. It was probably my typical bad measuring that made the pieces big enough for that, lol.  I didn't finish the edges because I already had a plan for that.

Before putting the black together I made the ruffles.  These are also made from cheap quilter's cotton.  I cut the fabric to the length I needed (with 1/2" seam allowance) and double the height so that I could fold it in half and not have to worry about hemming the exposed edge.  I made 4 sets of 4" pleated ruffles.

When I sewed the 5 black pattern pieces together, I sewed one ruffle between pieces 2 and 3 and then another between pieces 3 and 4 so that they are evenly spaced in the back.  For the front two ruffles I pinned the completed red and black sections right sides together and sandwiched the ruffles on the inside, and sewed the sides and the bottom, leaving the top (waist) open.  Once everything was sewed in place I flipped the skirt right sides out. Now it's hemmed and I only have raw edges at the top.

For the waist band I made a tube that is 1.75" tall and fits around my hips comfortably.  I closed of the top 1.25" of the tube to make a casing for the elastic.  I inserted a piece of elastic small enough that it would hold on my waist, but stretchy enough so that I could pull it over my hips, then using the remaining 1/2" of the waistband I attached it to the skirt.  The front 10" of the waist band don't have any skirt attached. I then used my serger to finish the raw edges at the top of the skirt and on the waistband.  You could also use a zigzag stitch.

 After trying the skirt on, it is the perfect length and very comfortable because the cotton is so light.  I don't know what I'll work on tomorrow yet, but it'll probably be the hat.

Happy Cosplaying!

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