Monday, July 13, 2015

Work Log: Princess of the Crystal (Mawaru Penguindrum) #2

Today I made the scarf and armwarmers for this cosplay and started the bustle cage for the skirt. 

The scarf was very easy since it's just a purple tube stuffed with some polyfill.  I added snaps to the front so that I could put it around my neck instead of trying to figure out how to get it over my big head, lol.  The pink scarf is just a rectangle that I sewed together, flipped right side out and then closed the hole.  It just gets tied on.  Her purple neckwarmer, has what I took to be more eyelet attached around it.  I used the same eyelet that's on the bodice by just sewing it into the seam as I sewed the purple part into a tube that I then flipped right side out and filled.

The armwarmers are really basic.  I ended up making 3 trials before I made one I liked.  They're made out of stretch nylon, it's basically swimwear/dancewear material that has a 4-way stretch.  I cut the fabric to the exact width of my arm so that when I sewed it with a 1/2" seam allowance it would stretch and fit my arm without elastic.  For the tube length I measured about 1" down onto my hand, then added on a triangle for the finger part and hand sewed in a piece of 1/8" elastic for the fingerloop.

For the bustle cage I used this Bustle Cage tutorial that I found on Pinterest. I used 1/4" pex pipe that I got from Home Depot and red Duck tape because I want it to camouflage with the inside of my skirt which will be red. I also added a second row of pipe in the middle of the cage.  The pex pipe was pretty flexible but didn't really hold it's shape, so my DH later warmed it with a heat gun and gave it a little more roundness.  This was a little time-consuming to get right, but I wanted to have that done so I can put it on when I measure for the skirt.

Tomorrow I'll sew her open-front ball gown skirt and hopefully finish it tomorrow.

Happy Cosplaying!!

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