Friday, August 16, 2013

Post Otakon 2013 Update

This Otakon we had a blast again.  This year we actually got in line early enough to get into panels, lol.  Lesson learned.  I got tons of loot again.  From top to bottom, left to right:  a grab bag, Aperture messenger bag, 2 Homura Akemi necklaces, Stocking Anarchy bag, some buttons, Mei Misaki (from Another) t-shirt, the rolled poster is of Tyrion Lannister with an awesome quote, an EDUCATE Dr. Who spoof print, a HunGir Games Invader Zim spoof print, Bat Kitty vinyl decal, Totoro vinyl decal, Black Rock Shooter t-shirt, Invader Zim vinyl decal, Finn and Jake vinyl decal, "Toyoda" vinyl decal, Legend of Korra postcard and Miyazaki characters print. 


On Friday I wore Black Rock Shooter.  Due to some unforeseen issues, the rock cannon was not finished before we left, so I just took the sword from my BF's Crazy 88 cosplay.  It worked perfectly as BRS's sword is also black and silver.  I got a lot of compliments and have to say that I was shocked that most of the other cosplayers playing BRS herself were actually males.  I didn't realize that so many guys like this show.

On Saturday, I wore my Stocking Anarchy cosplay.  Of course there were a ton of Stockings walking around.  My sword does light up, but it was hard to see in the daylight of course.  If I wear this cosplay again, I'll remake the sword and add two more LED strips to the blade, which help make it brighter.  I'm still proud of it though since I made the whole dress and sword myself and it was my first time working with any type of electronics.  The sword even had an on/off switch, lol.

 On Sunday, I wore my Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate cosplay.  Sorry, no pics for that one.  If you want to see it, it's on my Post AMA update post.

The next convention is Nekocon from Nov 1-3 in Hampton, VA.  I'm seriously thinking about finishing my Major Motoko Kusanagi cosplay, since all I need to do is make the jacket and bodysuit.  However, working with faux leather is making me nervous and I'm about to go back to work soon.  I may put this on hold for next Otakon, and do something else for Nekocon.  We'll see.

Happy Cosplaying!!

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