Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Post Nekocon 2013 Wrap-Up

For anyone that actually reads this blog, sorry this is SOOOO late.  Life kinda happened and I finally decided to just sit down and finish this, ha ha.

I only wore one new cosplay for this con.  I KNOW RIGHT!!  That's the first time in the year and a half that I've been cosplaying.  I was waiting for the wig I wanted Kyouko Kirigiri from Danganronpa to come back in stock, but it just came back in stock last week.  *sigh* so I'll be making her for the next convention.

So, for Neko 2013 I wore Stocking Anarchy again and debuted Hajime Ichinose from Gatchaman Crowds.  This was one of the easiest to make.  The skirt is a basic circle skirt, but I made the waistband 4 inches tall to match her high waistband. The straps are the same fabric as the skirt, about 1.5" wide and of course, crossed in the back. I found the blouse on Ebay.  It already came with the black collar, but originally had black buttons, so I switched them out for white ones. I bought the boots from Payless, the wig is the same wig I wear for Gogo Yubari and I made the yellow necktie flat, then tied it and it is attached to the shirt with snaps.  (I couldn't figure out how to sew one that I could tie around my neck and realized that it didn't actually need to be tied on)

My BF (well, fiance now), made my NOTE for me.  It started as a moleskin journal, that he covered with a piece of white cardstock.  He drew on the symbol and other decorations, then colored the silver portions with a Sharpie and covered the paper portions with clear contact paper.  The journal is still totally functional :-)

Not that I took a good picture of it, but I just made the bird barrette out of some leftover clay, painted a couple of coats of acrylic white paint on and glued it to a barrette.  Super easy!!

Although not many people recognized me, the ones that did were as excited about the show as I was, and were super happy that I had a NOTE.  I will definitely wear this cosplay again.


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