Thursday, August 1, 2013

Stocking Anarchy 95% done

I'm wearing Stocking Anarchy for Otakon next week, I think on Saturday.  I have the wig from EpicCosplay and two different style socks from Sock Dreams, I'll just decide if I want to wear the thin stripes or wide stripes that morning.  I even bought the bone cat from FM Anime and it's super cute isn't it??

I really love the dress!  It's actually really comfortable to wear and super breathable, because it's just quilting cotton so the fabric is really thin.  I hoping this prevents me from dying in the sweltering August heat, although that may backfire when I wear this cosplay again in November at Nekocon when it's coooooooold (brrr).  The bow next to the dress is the hair bow.  At the time of the pick I hadn't made the waist bow yet, but it looks just like that, but much larger.  I used the Anime Style Bow tutorial by EvangeSews, for both bows.  The only difference is that the waist bow has "ties."  Yes, the dress is missing the blue "neck tie" that she usually wears.  I made that after I took this picture.

 The shoes that I'm wearing for her, are just some Mary Jane style shoes that I have.  They have a cute button on the side and I think they're totally appropriate for Stocking.

I'll be making her sword this week and basing it off of a this Glowing Sword tutorial that I found on Deviantart.  I've had to make a few changes and as usual actually combine some ideas I've gotten from various tutorials.  The person that posted this one, didn't give enough details for me, so I'll be taking pics along the way and posting a tutorial of my own, when I'm finished with my sword (or when I get back from the con).

In a couple of days or so, I'll post about my finished Black Rock Shooter coat.  That was really fun to make too and I'm really proud of it!

Happy Cosplaying!!


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