Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Super late update: Post-AMA 2013 and Otakon 2013 Planning

For starters Anime Mid-Atlantic 2013.  This year this con was not as fun as it was last year.  Last year just had better options for panels, so this year we found ourselves sometimes either choosing panels/workshops at random or having more free time than usual.  I did get some cool stuff from the vendor's room though, including a great Black Rock Shooter binder and a super cute Totoro Hello Kitty tee.  (See the logo below)

This year I cosplayed for AMA, which I didn't do last year b/c at this point in the year I had never cosplayed before, haha.

For Friday I was Sawa Nakamura from the new anime Flowers of Evil.  This was a super easy cosplay as she's basically a school girl.

I got the skirt from Land's End.com, the shirt is a men's shirt from Walmart.  I bought a men's shirt b/c the collar stays standing and they're longer and therefore stay tucked in no matter what I do :-)  The wig is a Copper Red 14" Chronos from Epic Cosplay.com.  The shoes are from Payless.com and the glasses are low level reading glasses also from Walmart.  The socks and neck tie I already had from my Gogo Yubari cosplay.

Saturday, I was Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate.  From top to bottom:  the wig is a 28" Nyx Copper Red from Epic Cosplay.  The shirt is the same style shirt from Walmart that I bought for Nakamura.  I just sewed on the blue ribbon trim and changed the top button to a gold one. The tie and tights were also from Walmart.  The shorts are from American Eagle, and the belt and boots are from Ebay.

I made the jacket using a hoodie tutorial I found.  It was super easy to follow and I loved the result.  I'm probably going to use it to make hoodies just to wear, lol.  Unfortunately in my pic you can't see the armbands. The boots I bought for the cosplay had straps on them, so I just took those off and used them on my arms!

For Otakon coming up August 9-11, I'm going to be Black Rock Shooter the OVA version, Stocking Anarchy from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt and I'll wear Kurisu again on Sunday.  I'll be posting a blog about those cosplays soon.


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