Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What happened to Korra?

So, if you've looked at my blog further back than this post you may have noticed that I was making a Korra (from Legend of Korra) cosplay for Nekocon 2015.  You may also have noticed that there's no follow up post or post about my finishing it.

Well, I did finish it, but due to an issue with the hair pieces I didn't actually wear it.  If you're wondering if I'm upset the answer is no, lol. Although Korra was on my "Future Cosplay" list, she wasn't a high priority for me. I populate that list with either characters that I like, or who have a cool outfit, but I don't necessarily plan to get to all of them.

I made her because some friends of mine asked to do a group cosplay, and since they don't usually cosplay I let them pick the show; I wanted them to choose something that they felt they'd be able to make. I knew I was running the risk of being the only one to complete the cosplay and I was, lol.

That didn't upset me either because they're my friends and I love them, but since I was really only making Korra for them, my heart wasn't really into it.

Will I ever wear my Korra cosplay?  Maybe one day in the future I'll feel like fixing the wig, but for now she'll just live in my closet ready should the time arise.

Lesson: Don't let mishaps and malfunctions distress you. Cosplay is ultimately for fun; it should relieve stress, not cause it.

Happy Cosplaying!!!

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