Friday, July 1, 2016

Mumei (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress): Work Log #1

The first cosplay that I'm making for Otakon 2016 is Mumei from Koutetsujou no Kabaneri or Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

This anime was recommended to us by a friend. At the time he was about 4 episodes in and had already decided that he was going to cosplay the main character. Halfway through the first episode, I knew that I had to cosplay Mumei. Then a little later when her Steampunk outfit debutted I was settled.

I started with the easiest part which is the rust colored skirt underneath the leather skirt. After carefully watching some clips of her, mostly from episode 4, it's pretty clear that the skirt is pleated. My local Joann store had a pretty rust colored cotton that I used for the skirt and will use for the jacket when I get there.

Currently, I'm working on a pattern for the white blouse. I tried to make my own based on some tutorials that I found for wrap-front tops, but after much trial and error they aren't working out.

On, their pattern #5631 is wrap front top, and seems like it'll be easy to modify. I love this site because they're most expensive pattern is only $2.99 and if you register on their site, you get 10% off all patterns, taking that down to $2.69. I don't at all mind printing and taping a pattern so this works perfectly for me when I can't pattern for myself.

My goal today is to complete the top. I know once I get the pattern correct, it will only be a couple of hours work, so that will put me in a good place.

I'm so excited about this cosplay, but I have to get to work fast, so that I can also complete my second one for Otakon which will be Mira Yurizaki from Dimension W.

Whew! So much work, but so little time.

Happy Cosplay!!

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