Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Work Log: Korra (Legend of Korra) #2


Yesterday I mostly completed the top of Korra.  I just need to add the trim to the
collar and arms and finish the hem. I was going to just hem it, but now I think I might also put bias tape on the bottom. It's probably inaccurate, but you can't see the bottom anyway, lol.

Today I make the blue "apron. It's a little difficult to tell from the photo, but it's navy blue. It was really easy to use the suggested method I found here on DeviantArt. 

I also ordered my wig today from as usual. It's the pre-styled ponytail wig in Dark Brown. I love the customer service there, so much. Yesterday the site said that they were out of stock, so I contacted them to try to find out when they'd be back in stock. They emailed me back that they'd checked and actually had a few left.  Yet another reason that I'll keep buying their products.


I probably won't have time to work on this again until Saturday, but hopefully I'll finish the top, hem the pants, and get the two lower arm bracers, and the fur "skirt" done.  

Happy Cosplay!

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