Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting Ready for Otakon 2013


This year I will be doing 3 cosplays.

I haven't fully decided which will be Friday and which Saturday, but one cosplay will be Stocking Anarchy from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

I already have most of the pieces.  Epic Cosplay sells the exact wig and I bought that months ago.  I have the "stockings" from Sock Dreams.  I actually bought two pairs.  Both are black and blue striped, but they're slightly different.  One pair are navy and black with wide stripes.  The other pair are royal and black with thin stripes. Since hers are royal and black with wide stripes I'm going to base my decision on which shade of blue I decide to buy from the fabric store.

I already have a pair of shoes that work too.  That leaves making the dress and her sword and getting her bone cat.  I'm going to buy the bone cat from FM-Anime to save me some time and because there's has a zipper, so I'm going to try to use it as my purse that day :-).

The other day, I'm going to do Black Rock Shooter from Black Rock Shooter.  I've never played the game or read the manga so I'm doing the TV version of BRS. I'm using the same shorts I wore for Kurisu Makise and I already have the black top.  I ordered some boots from Ebay that I'll be modifying, I bought two belts from Ebay for this cosplay and Epic Cosplay also sells this character wig, so I already have that.

All that really leaves is her coat, choker and gloves.  I'm probably going to buy some gloves and modify them also.  I absolutely think this coat is really unique and that's why I want to do the TV  version instead of the version that most people do, which has a simpler coat.   My boyfriend is going to make her rock cannon for me.  I'm excited about that b/c I love oversized weapons.

For Sunday, I'm going to wear Kurisu Makise again.  My BF might be Okabe Rintarou, but he hasn't decided yet.


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