Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nekocon 2012 Wrap-Up

So, I think both cosplays went well.  Gogo Yubari was a pretty big hit for those who recognized her.  My BF decided at the last minute to cosplay a Crazy 88 so that made it even more fun.  Since it was just before Halloween, easily found his mask and tie at an Halloween superstore, he got the jacket from the Goodwill and the sword from an import store.

People mostly loved Gogo's meteor hammer.  I got quite a few looks when people realized that I used real chain.  Don't worry the ball itself was foam.

Maka was a hit too and I got a lot of compliments on my boots. 

The pic is a before and after.

Since I'm still relatively new to sewing, I didn't try to make her coat.  I'll mostly likely attempt that in the future and then make a scythe as well.

If you're interested in how I did the boots, there really isn't much to say.  I cut the straps off of the original boots.  My white straps started out as white men's leather belts that I found on  I bought four of the longest available because I knew I needed four buckles and I wanted as much leather as possible.

With my BF's help, we basically would measure the strap, mark with a pencil where we needed to cut, and cut.  Leather belt cuts really easily with regular scissors and I glued the belt on with Fabri-Tac. 

To create the hole she has along the side and back of her boots, I used a leather punch (the red-handled item pictured above) and large grommets that I bought from Joanns.

In the end we had plenty of belt without having to use the portion that has the pre-punched holes.

If you're interested in how I did the meteor hammer, that's a separate post.

Happy cosplaying!

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