Monday, July 9, 2012

Lucy (Elfen Lied) so far...

This cosplay has been easier to get together, because there are just less parts.  I already have the wig, ribbon, pink shirt, socks and shoes.  I just need to make the dress and horns.
 I also plan to make a music box.  I ordered a little "box" that plays the song, you can see it in the pic, and just need to stain the wooden box I got from Michael's, then cover the inside with velvet and make a shelf to cover the music mechanism.  The hardest part of that will be cutting a hole in the bottom so that I can actually wind it, lol. (Oh and finding someone to make the engraved plate for the inside, lmbo.)

The "to-do" list for this cosplay is
1. make dress
2. make horns
3. cut ribbon (for neck)
4. figure out how to attach horns to wig
5. sand/stain music box
6. cut hole in music box for winding mechanism
7. find place to make engraved plate

If I pretend that I didn't decide to make the music box (don't know what came over me in the first place, lol) that list is easy-peasy!

Happy Cosplaying!


  1. i think attach horns to a thin headband might be easyer

  2. could you tell me where you got the wig?