Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yoko Littner Cosplay (so far)

So far, I've gathered almost everything that I could for my Yoko cosplay.  Currently I've gathered, a belt, chopsticks, black fingerless gloves, pink thigh high socks and boots.   My BF has made her skull barrette for me out of model magic and it is currently sitting high on a bookshelf (away from the cats, lol) drying. 

I ordered the  20" Red Straight Long and the 50" Red Straight Ponytail Clipon wigs from Epic Cosplay.  I'm going to style the 20" into a ponytail and then put on the clipon after.  Since the clipon is 50", I might shorten it, but we'll see after I try it on. 

I've also already ordered some orange glasses that look a lot like hers, but they haven't arrived and according to USPS they were never actually mailed.  I'm still waiting to hear from the company I ordered them from.  USPS said if I don't hear from them by Tuesday, to file a formal complaint.  I'd rather just get the glasses or my money back.

My BF found some awesomely large zippers for me.  Those should be on the way so that I can use them for the boots.  It's a small company though and now that I am having trouble with the glasses, I'm nervous about these zippers not coming in.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed on both.

My list of things left to do for this cosplay are as follows:
1. Paint the boots
2. Paint the chopsticks
3. Style the wigs
4. Make the shorts
5. Make the top
6. Make the armwarmer
7. Paint the skull barrette and glue to hairclip
8. Make the bracelets

When I write it all out like that it really doesn't seem like much, lol.  I love how writing a list just makes everything seem achievable.

Happy Cosplaying!!


  1. How did you make your top and shorts? I plan on cosplaying as her in early December and I am working on getting all my stuff made and ready. What did you make them out of?

  2. I made them both out of swimsuit/dancewear material. Some of the other cosplayers I'd checked out had used stretch PVC, but since I'm really new to sewing I was nervous about using such a finicky material.

    The top was made following the "How to Make a Bikini" tutorial by Threadbanger that I found on YouTube. The only difference is that I added a designated hole, about an inch wide, on the outer edge of each triangle so that I could slip a padded bra cup between the two layers of fabric.

    For the shorts, I actually bought a pattern. It's Jalie pattern 2796. It was the only "hot pants" pattern I could find. I had tried executing a few shorts patterns that I'd found on Youtube using scrap fabric, but they never turned out right.

    Hope that helps!