Saturday, February 21, 2015

Nekocon 2014 Review / RoFCon 2015 Prep

So my DH has been hounding me about the fact that I didn't do a wrap-up after Nekocon in November, so I'm adding it as part of my pre-RoFCon post.

For Nekocon this year I did two new cosplays and I'm actually ashamed to say that I really sew anything for either of these cosplays, which is not my style, but it was good because I didn't have any cosplay inspiration until the last minute.

On Friday, I was Chiho Sasaki from Devil is a Part-Timer and my DH was Maou.

We ordered the shirt and visors from online, and I sewed on bias tape to make the stripes. The patches and the shirts and visors are iron transfers. I ordered the bow tie from Amazon, the skirt is from Old Navy and I already had the shoes. The wig is three pieces from It's the Chronos 14", and two 20" wavy/curly ponytail clipons, all in Cotton Candy Pink. I didn't have to do anything to the Chronos wig, I just cut the curly ponytails down to the length that I needed.

On Saturday, I was Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul.

I really love this character and wearing this costume was comfortable, but need to take in the jacket a little bit. I ordered the jacket and boots, the rest were in my closet. The wig is another Chronos 14" from; the color is Fusion Purple/Black.

For Ring of Fire Con coming up next week, I'll be cosplaying Chiho again and my DH and I are going to be the 10th Doctor Who and Martha Jones.  She'll be another closet cosplay, for me since the only thing I had to buy was a jacket.

I'm also working on a onesie that I saw on YouTube. I'll make a post about that after I finish it that includes a link to where I found it. I'm excited about it, because I think it'll be SO CUTE!

Well that's it for this post have a great day everyone and . . .

Happy Cosplaying!

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