Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Post AMA Update 2014 - Prepping for Otakon 2014

At the last minute, I decided to cosplay Pokemon X/Y trainer Serena at Anime Mid-Atlantic. 

When I first started playing Pokemon X, I thought her outfit was so cute, that I immediately added her to my list for this summer, and then I also promptly forgot.  On an episode of this season's Heroes of Cosplay (love that show btw), one of the cosplayers made a Serena and I thought "Oh yeah!" So I spent 7 frantic evenings working on it and finished with two days to spare. 

I made the skirt from scratch (I'll be sure to take detailed photos later), bought the socks from SockDreams.com and bought the hat from Ebay.  I bought the sleeveless top, but added the collar, the glasses are from Amazon, the wig is from Epic Cosplay.com and I already had the bag.  The shoes are black Converse and my BF used fabric paint, for the Pokeballs.  Overall I think it was a success. 

For Otakon 2014 this summer, I'm finally going to finish Kyoko Kirigiri from Dangan Ronpa, and I'm going to cosplay Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill.  I'm super excited about Ryuko.

First I'm going to tackle Kirigiri's jacket.  Today and bought McCall's pattern #M6172.  I'm going to make view A (the blue one if you just clicked the link above) and I think all I will have to do is shorten the lapel and of course add two more buttons.  I'm going to get started tomorrow, so wish me luck and. . .

Happy Cosplaying!!

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