Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gogo Yubari update

 Gogo is coming along nicely!  I was having trouble finding fabric for the skirt and hadn't planned to make the jacket since I don't think my sewing skills are there yet, so this cosplay has tested my ability to scour the internet and thrift stores.  Here are my finds:

1. Navy blue jacket - Ebay - $10.25 (including shipping).  All I have to do is change the buttons to gold, sew or iron on the patch and I'm going to shorten the bottom by about 1 1/2".

2. Gogo Yubari Patch - Ebay - $10.50 (including shipping).  This came from a seller in the UK, who apparently makes these and other patched.

3. White Nike Air Force Ones - Ebay - $19 (including shipping).  I watched just the fight scene between her and the bride, and I swear she's wearing these shoes, lol.

4. Gray/white plaid skirt - Etsy - $20 (including shipping).  I'm impressed with how close this looks.

5.    I also bought the  20" Dark Brown wig from Epic Cosplay.  I'll just need to cut some bangs.

I also need to make her mace ball.  I already have quite a few ideas for this prop and I think it'll be fairly easy.  I'll probably do a post about how I do it.  Less than 2 weeks to go.  Time to conquer my procrastination

Happy cosplaying!!

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